Listening to the DCMO’s point yesterday about being outside reminded me of something. He explained that out is better than in when it comes to spread. The virus dissipates more quickly. I have been to many places after disaster where the children have asked to be taught outside. After school shootings and after earthquakes. Outdoor teaching in war zones and refugee camps too. Whole days where kids and in some cases university students have asked to sit outside. The learning has been shorter but the children have been engaged. Many, many schools in the UK will struggle to do this and it would require a bit more of that sunshine but it is certainly something to consider. It might also involve communities giving over more of their spaces to children – communal gardens, village halls, churches. Dipping into some funds for a marquee. A more spontaneous timetable. A plastic mat, per child, to sit on. It would also require other things – children wearing PE kit or a track suit, rather than expensive uniforms that are harder to wash. First aid kits on hand for bee stings. Consideration for disabilities, allergies and other vulnerabilities..A plan for torrential rain (not now torrential rain, sense the mood). Lots of support and understanding for our teaching community and a huge change to some of their working practices. Parental choice whether to attend would also be crucial. This option may not be right for your child or your family. But for some children, being in some sort of schooling environment soon, where they can be safeguarded is the only thing that will keep them alive this summer. Covid won’t get them but something else will. And for others, they need to be around their peers again. We just need to navigate how…Forest school might be the answer here, we just need to make sure all children can have access to a forest..thoughts welcome on this. I promise I do stuff with the thoughts…

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