Chicken Little

I was always fascinated by the story of Chicken Little when I was a child. One of Granny Lucy’s best.. The moral of the story is to be brave even when it feels like the sky is falling in on you. I also think that there are morals in there too about keeping friends close (Henny Penny and Loosey Goosey) and also maybe just chilling out a bit. I remember, aged six, thinking that I was quite like CL but I probably needed to calm down with all the early-onset disaster planning or I would do my other little pals heads’ in. Jane Dean and Alison Mcgovern and Clare Payne can talk more on that aspect. I also found, that there is a version of the story, that was not promulgated in Prenton Primary School, where all the birds are eaten by the sly fox who leads us birds astray. This is supposed to teach us to not believe everything you hear or read. In the versions where CL gets away, she listens to her instinct which manifests in the story as an omnipotent voice..Anyhow, to my point… I need to let all you birds into a secret. There is no big reveal next week. Only suggestions/ musings wrapped up into a pdf. The future belongs to you. Nobody else. You will be given some dos/ don’ts and things that are open and things that will stay shut. But you get to make your own decisions on what next.. whatever works for you..listen to your voice, listen to Loosey Goosey. It might be that you need to stay home longer and have some difficult chats with employers. It might be that furlough now needs to be explored as redundancy and a new journey for you. It might be back or not to school. It might be shop or not shop. It might be to spend a little time with your grand kids or your best pal under the “podding” concept. There is NO total science for the next bit. But you do need bravery, even if it feels like the sky is falling in. Now what I have learned over the years is that bravery involves a really big deep breath in from the diaphragm, and the playing of some banging tunes so we will be working on a playlist to accompany the NOT THAT BIG REVEAL…And then we all just jump together… The sky might fall in but it might also just be an acorn landing on your head…. Play list suggestions and all thoughts welcome

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