This black labrador is not a Political beast. Not with a big P. All mainstream politics has peeved this hound at some point. She is an advocate, a shape shifter and a fence sitter. Try and guess her politics and you guess her wrong. She can do a jolly good case for both Leave and Remain. She is also a shoe eater. But what she does have is an absolute belief in the horror of fact manipulation, of false hoods, “controlled spontaneity” and of the weaponisation of genuine sentiments and feeling. Thats why she has spent the last two months helping you find your own sources. The quality of the source, the peer review, the evidence base, the biases..Be very aware that what you are sharing may well have been generated with you and your ‘nudges’ in mind. Just like use by dates, learn to recognise the whiff of ‘off’, the green mould of nudge. If a quote says “not my words and I don’t know the source, but I like it” worry about it… governments and groups in support of opposition both now use people to generate sentiment that they know you might like. They sold your algorhytmns years ago and use fake accounts to generate content that they know works with mums or leavers or electricians or remainers or alpacas. FaceBook has always been the way to do it QUICKLY! Its about to get a lot worse and people don’t ask enough questions of the content. I mean look at me, I am black labrador and 200 of you have been asking me stuff for weeks….

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