For all of the planners who are struggling with guilt about spending any time on their own survival and for all of us trying to survive:

“I remember vividly the day in March 2003 when our bosses were off with the Ministry of Defence finalising details. We were all alone in the offices. In an act of fleeting rebellion we put the television on in the conference room, and sat with our feet up on the table. I had brought some very out of place cheese and crackers. My colleague’s eyes widened as I shared them between us; this really was new levels of devilment. I outlined to her my new theory on self-care which has been another key tenet of my approach to personal resilience ever since. It is vital to recognise EVERY brief period of necessary fallow; solstice and hibernation.
I explained that it was fairly clear that our daily lives were about to get very relentless so we had to take a little bit of time to ourselves right now. Before the madness kicked in. We needed to sort out our own life admin, order our repeat prescriptions, get some rest, sit on some grass somewhere and for us right then, eat our crackers. 
A strange calm descended over us.
I was right.
The next day we were at war”

A colleague rang me today from a facility that we know will be used very fully in the coming months but, right now, feels empty. The hiatus weighs heavily. When disaster strikes you work weekends and holidays so there was a collective guilt about slowing the pace and lingering for the not yet ill.  
We shared some laughs and some banter and then we moved on to what she should do with the rest of her day. This was something I could help with.
For I am an expert in understanding the importance of personal fallow. 

Whatever your war is about to be, use your fallow for you.
Today you rest. Today you do you and yours. 
Today you eat crackers.

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